Zippo Outdoor Line Utility Lighter

I received the Zippo utility lighter today. I was very curious about it because of the “mixed” reviews. I believe this is a great utility lighter. Its sturdy & well made. I believe it will last a long time. Also, with all Zippo lighters it comes with a Lifetime guarantee. So you really can’t go wrong with that. Some reviewers have stated that the lighter is difficult to operate, even some say impossible. I have no issue whatsoever operating this lighter. You simply press both buttons and it lights,,, everytime. Some have also said its not wind resistant. To the contrary, it is VERY wind resistant. I lit it and shook it back and forth like an excited dogs tail, and the lighter stayed lit. I don’t forsee any problem lighting this in wind gusts. If I do run into any problems with it, I will update the review. This will be a perfect lighter for lighting my grill, campfire etc (which means practically every day). I saw a video review on this lighter before I purchased it. In that review it also had a cap, mine does not have a cap. I don’t know if thats a good thing or bad thing 🙂 That one also came with a caribiner, mine just has a split ring, which is

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