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This received top ratings from America’s Test Kitchen (Cooking Illustrated & Cook’s Kitchen). I was skeptical because I have tried about a dozen different grill pans in the 18 months, but none have really worked. This is the best I have used yet.

One was a square-ish pan and the corners snapped and became unusable. A common problem with many pans; they are welded and not stamped or folded. The welds usually break due to the high heat in the grill.

My old favorite is a bowl style; it’s decent, but the problem is the top is bigger than the bottom so there is not a lot of actual grilling space. As a result you either have steamed veggies or you have to keep stirring.

The biggest complaint I have about most grill pans is the holes. Either they are too big and things like cherry tomatoes and sliced onions fall through, or the holes are too small. Small holes have many problems: difficult to clean, too many and the food gets too charred, too many holes and the metal separating the holes breaks…etc.

This pan is the best pan I have used yet. It it made of one piece with NO welds; the sides are bent up to create a lip and give the user an edge to flip and turn food. Also, the holes are not actually holes, they are slits. This means that one does not have to worry about food slipping through the spaces; from time to time sliced onions get stuck, but not really a BIG deal. It works great for Portabella mushrooms though it is not just for veggies, it’s great for fish. Another big seller is that this is stainless and easy-ish to clean. It’s not going to be non-stick easy to clean, you will have to scrub, but with a Brillo pad and elbow grease it’s not a big deal.

The only complaint I have is the size. I have a two burner grill (unless I can talk my wife into getting a new grill next summer) and the pan can be a little too big for this type of grill. This “complaint” is not that big of a complaint since I usually don’t do veggies at the same time as the meat.

If Weber updates this pan, I would recommend making it available in a smaller size and upgrading the metal; it’s a little light weight. It’s not bad, a little more heft would be nice.

If you have a grilling fanatic in your family (even if it’s you) then buy this pan. It’s great! You won’t be disappointed. Get this

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