Product Review

I read the reviews on the other Weber BBQ tools and felt these would fit my needs best. I didn’t want a fork as “they” always recommend against piercing the meat you are cooking, which causes the juices to escape. I can always use a brush for applying sauces and this ones long handled enough it’s not going to get lost in the shuffle. It also has plenty of space to hold a fair amount of sauce among the silicon bristles. (Although I haven’t used it yet, just bought this set 6/19, I feel very confident it should work just fine! I’ve used other BBQ tools and these are a definite improvement!) The spatula is big enough to turn the biggest burgers you’d ever probably want to make and should work fine for fish too. The tongs have a long gripping area, and one thing I learned from the reviews on other types of Weber sets is that it’s nice to have the ability to keep the tongs ‘closed’ as this set does. The handles are all nice and long so your hands and arms are kept safely from the heat. The pieces all have large loops so you can hang these tools from almost any size hangars! Oh, and there’s enough silicon on the handles so they’re easy to grip and shouldn’t slip!

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