Product Review

I’m a big food Network fan and my favorite guy is Alton. What I saw on one of his shows was the most awesome advice for this device. Take ONE, that’s right, ONE piece of newspaper and sprinkle a few drops of vegetable oil on it; then put it under your chimney starter (outdoors, please, eggman if you’re reading this) and fire it up with a full can of any kind of charcoal. You won’t believe how well this works. One more thing; DO NOT set a chimney starter on a gravel driveway when you start it. For some reason, the heat transfers much easier through gravel than concrete. Just put the thing on your grill grate and wait for 20 minutes. You’ll have smokin’ hot coals that will be almost too hot for smokin’ food. I even saw Alton searing tuna on top of one of these

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