Product Review

We got a new Weber Q grill recently and are very happy with it. We also purchased a few accessories, including this set. Both are very functional and super easy to clean. I just throw them in the dishwasher and they come out like new. The price is also lower than some of the other Weber tools which have the thicker plastic “comfort” handles. I actually wanted something that was all metal because I don’t seem to have much luck with plastic – either the handles get inadvertently burned/melted, or the metal starts to pull away from the plastic handle at some point rendering them useless, or nasty BBQ grease gets caught in little nooks and crannies of the metal-meets-plastic joint. The lack of plastic joints and design of a single piece of molded metal is actually a PLUS in my book for BBQs.

In any case, the tools are easy to use and a good length to avoid getting too much heat on your arm. The only complaint I have (like another reviewer) is that the tongs can start feeling flimsy and not strong enough, but when that happens, you just pull the tongs further apart and it creates that extra resistance and wider mouth you need to pick up things like vegetables or bratwurst. This phenomenon kind of comes with the design – the tongs are stainless steel and do not have an actual spring between them (like conventional tongs), so the “pinching” action is created by the flex and resistance in the metal. So that is to be expected and perfectly acceptable. I pretty much pull them apart before every use to make sure they are nice and tight before

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