Product Review

I bought this about 3 weeks ago and have used it a few times. I’m very happy with the purchase. My high level summary is this is a great, affordable product that will allow you to execute great, chef quality cooking for your favorite grilled fish recipes.

Let me get my one negative thing out of the way: the clasp that holds the two side of the metal mesh basket together is a little difficult to open when I’m done grilling. I have a Weber Genesis grill that gets anywhere from 400-550 degrees Fahrenheit on the inside, and fumbling with this hot clasp takes a bit of practice when you want to get the fish out and onto a serving platter easily while it’s fresh off the grill. But with a little practice I’m getting better at it. Still, use some sturdy pot holders to protect your fingers and don’t let the basket slip and touch tour inner arm or anything. Ouch.

Putting that aside, it does a great job with larger fillets and whole fish up to about 2 lbs. I was a little worried when I first opened the box because, unlike other fish baskets, the sides are not really concave when the basket is closed. I was worried the sides would put too much pressure on the fish and squeeze it, especially if I wanted to grill a fillet of something like salmon fillet, swordfish or tuna steak, etc.

Not to worry. The tension gives enough to prevent applying too much pressure. Last night I grilled a 1.4 lb.s rockfish (striped bass) fillet to perfection, still moist and fully cooked inside with nice texture and grill browning on the outside. Less meaty fillets I’d probably still use a grill pan instead, like for example, grilling tilapia for fish tacos. (Can you tell I love to grill fish?)

For whole fish, you can’t go too big. IN the past I’ve enjoyed grilling whole red snapper for example, and I like to go with a fish about 3 lbs. I haven’t tried but I don’t think that would fit well in this basket. In fairness, not many baskets out there (any?) can handle that size fish. And for longer bodied fish, like rockfish (striped bass), the basket can probably handle a fish close to 2 lbs, not much more. If you;’re inclined to grill smaller fish, like small rainbow trout or something, as individual portions, you can probably get a couple of 1 lb. fish in there, not much more than 1 lb. a piece.

But for what you get, if you know your way around a grill and like to grill fish, this basket will keep you from tearing up your dinner every time you try to turn it over for even cooking or try to remove it from the grill when done. You can cook evenly and create that extra texture that adds so much flavor, while putting fish to plate that’s attractive to the eye because you haven’t left chunks of it stuck on the

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