Product Review

For years I’ve been struggling with the whole barbecue sauce application process while grilling. Putting the sauce in a bowl or measuring cup and brushing it on with a brush was the best system I could come up with. I’ve been using a brush with silicone bristles for a few years, and that was a huge improvement. But I still had the problem of the brush falling out of the bowl or cup of sauce. What a mess! This Weber Saucing System finally solves that problem!! The container is sturdy plastic and dishwasher safe. The basting brush is high quality, heavy stainless steel with silicone bristles. It holds the sauce very well and is long enough to make applying the sauce very easy. And, of course, the best part: The brush rests perfectly across the sauce container, and any sauce left in the brush drains back into the container. No more brush falling out of a bowl full of sauce and onto the ground. No more mess. No more worries!! This Weber product is a must for anyone who grills and uses barbecue sauce while doing so. Great product, sleek design!!

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