Bought a new house in Brisbane and needed a much smaller BBQ for a much smaller deck – the old 4 Burner + Wok Burner had to go. I already own a Weber Q305 at my holiday house, which I have only praise for, so first thing I did was price a Weber Q220. Unfortunately, I decided I just couldn’t afford it, so the search was on to find a similar sized BBQ and the Sunbeam Innovo seemed to fit the bill perfectly – it even looks a bit like a Weber. Price for an Innovo is $399 (this price includes a stationary cart and also it comes with 2 styles of plate, on one half is an open grill and on the other a flat plate). If I was to buy the equivalent in a Weber I’d be up for $399 for the Q220, $179 for a stationary cart and $39.95 for a Breakfast Plate. Also, Harvey Norman gave me $50 worth of vouchers with my purchase, so by going with the Innovo I’ve saved myself a hefty $269. Which of course would mean nothing if the BBQ was crap, thankfully this isn’t the case.

I’ve had this BBQ for almost a month now and use it at least 3 times a week. I’ve tried my hand at searing steaks on the open grill, I’ve cooked home made burgers, chops, cutlets and chicken wings, meat and vegetable kebabs, fried onions and grilled tomatoes, and also cooked a full English breakfast for a Sunday brunch. So far everything has come up trumps. Mostly I’m cooking for 2, but I have had an 8 person BBQ and on that occasion packed both halves of the BBQ with meat. Thankfully nothing stewed so that’s another plus for the Innovo. The only thing I haven’t done yet is to cook a roast with all the trimmings but I feel sure that will be a success as well. This BBQ has the bonus of having 2 burners, so while you’re searing your steaks on your open grill, you can be frying onions and cooking other goodies on the flat plate. Alternatively, one burner can be on high and the other on low. Also, unlike the Weber, you don’t have to cook with the lid down so if you’re one of those types who likes to see every little piece of meat cook to perfection, then this is the BBQ for you. Of course, everything cooks a lot faster with the lid down, but you have options, which is something I like.

Sunbeam don’t provide accessories for the Innovo but with all the money I’ve saved I’m going to buy myself a Weber Q220 Full Length Cover(which I believe fits the Innovo) and a trivet for the BBQ. The only downside I’ve found for the Innovo is that it doesn’t have a porcelain-enameled cast iron grill and plate – this is where Weber stands out. So you have to take extra care with cleaning and re-oiling your plates if you want to avoid rusting.

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