Product Review

These skewers are great – they make cooking kebabs easier and hence more enjoyable to me. They really are flat so they don’t rotate. By hand these are easy to clean and I haven’t had any rust problems (I don’t own a dishwasher). I don’t own a grill either so I make all of my kebabs under a gas broiler. I make a *lot* of kebabs (from Indian to Vietnamese to BBQ, see images for an example) and I went through soaking bamboo skewers like lots of other people. I also wasted money on those metal skewers with the “B B Q” on the ends (available on Amazon). They’re terrible (I reviewed those as well). Finally I bought all 3 sizes of the Steven Raichlen skewers together with a mandoline slicer and got the cheapest one free by the 4-for-3 promotion. At first I found it a little difficult to get the skewers through certain types of meat, and I poked myself a few times (nothing serious). I decided to sharpen the ends of the skewers myself. I have to be more careful now, but ultimately I think it’s safer since the skewers just glide through the meat and I don’t have to force them and they don’t slip (similar to why sharp knives are safer than dull ones). I uploaded an image of a sharpened versus nonsharpened skewer

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