Product Review

Steven Raichlen’s three seminal grilling cookbooks (How to Grill, Barbecue Bible and BBQ USA) are, far and away, the dirtiest, rattiest, most falling-apart cookbooks on my shelf. I think about buying new copies, but then I’d have to spend hours copying all of my margin notes on the recipes.

Steve’s line of grilling accessories show the same dedication to grilling and smoking incredibly great food that his cookbooks do. I have a few of his toys and goodies, and, far and away, the one I love most is this grilling rack. No compromises, no cut corners–this is the perfect tool for grilling ribs in the back yard on your classic Weber kettle grill. (The packaging doesn’t advertise the fact, but the rack was plainly designed to fit exactly on a standard 22 inch Weber, leaving the side areas uncovered so you can add coal and wood to the fire.)

It works beautifully with baby backs, spareribs, and the larger beef ribs, doubling the typical capacity of the grill and exposing everything to that yummy smoke. My restults have been uniformly wonderful. Sturdy and durable, too. While the coating is advertised as “non-stick,” I do find it best to wiggle the ribs around a couple of times in the first hour of cooking. After that, you’re golden. As for cleanup, I get good results by running mine through the diswasher…although it should be no secret that anything used in smoke cooking is unlikely to be perfectly clean ever again.

This review is giving me an appetite…I wonder if I can stop by the supermarket for some beef ribs on the way home?

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