Got these for an outdoor picnic party. Shipped to a FedEx pickup location for free. Arrived on time, well packaged, and in good condition. The covers themselves look just as in the pictures provided – 17×17, square-shaped, and a good height. It covered a large aluminum food tray snugly. They are very lightweight, and somewhat on the flimsy-feeling side, but they get the job done. The netting keeps regular size flies out, but I doubt that it would be as effective keeping out smaller, fruit-fly sized insects. Netting is off-white color, and got a bit soiled by food, but it wasn’t a problem washing out the stain within a few hours after the picnic — I just handwashed out the stains with dish soap, while it was closed/collapsed, squeeze-wrung it out, then opened it up and left it to air dry on a table. Worked fine… I feel like it was a bit on the pricey side considering the quality of the construction — paid $36 for a set of 6, working out to about $6/per cover. I’m hoping they last a few years…walmart.com

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