Marinade Express Tabletop Marinade Machine: The Marinade Express adds taste, texture, and tenderness to your food and as well as making it healthier by vacuum tumbling meats and vegetables with the specially-formulated marinades dissolved in water. This process uses a solution that has less sodium than is naturally present in protein tissues which opens cellular structures, and rapidly infuses natural flavors into tissues to produce superior taste, texture and tenderness. Marinade express reduces formation of free radicals, reduces up to 30 percent of fat, and slightly reduces the amount of sodium in protein tissue. The process reduces many unwanted chemical additives, preservatives, and other contaminants. It eliminates up to 99. 5 percent of bacteria that causes spoilage and food-borne illness. Added moisture released during cooking raises internal temperatures to reduce cooking time and improves the tenderness of protein foods. This unit comes with a pair of Flavor Rib dividers and a starter pack of a variety of all-natural MX Marinades that do not add salt.bbqguys.com

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