For less than $20 I thought this was a great igniter for my built in BBQ. I have a Jenn Air BBQ that’s about 10 years old and have had to replace a lot of the parts already (burners, charcoal racks and now igniters). I tried a couple other igniters (non-electronic) and they didn’t work very well and were poor quality. I was able to install this one pretty easily and it works really well. The wires are long enough to handle any size BBQ from battery operated power source to igniter(s). It also gives you 3 ignitors which is a plus. The design is simple and works. You’ll probably need a drill and definitely screwdriver for installation. The drill may be needed to mount the igniter box to your burner since the holes in my burner weren’t large enough and I almost stripped the sheet metal screws trying to install. You can see from the attached picture that I added an escutcheon (plumbing supplies to fit a 3/4″ pipe) for aesthetics from ACE hardware that fit well with a little grinding on inside hole. Also you can see 2 of the igniters installed on the BBQ. Good value and versatility. Good Luck.walmart.com

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