Designed to fit most gas grills that have two sided (left/right) burner controls and a ‘H’ burner, including Arkla, Char-Broil, Charmglow, Fiesta. GrillMaster, Sears Kenmore, Sunbeam. Thermos, Turco, etc.
It measures 18″ across (left to right) and 7.5″ deep (front to back). I don’t know why it says it is 19.5″L x 10.13″W x 1.25″H. It will fit a 19.5 grill. It’s not supposed to touch the sides or the front or back of the fire box. It only needs to evenly heat the briquettes or diffuser plate.
The only possible problem with installation on this “universal” burner is that the legs on the burner might not land in the same spot that the old legs sat. I found that it was best to leave the so called leg adjustment bars off (used to raise or level the burner) and just let the legs sit on the firebox floor like the old one did and like many others do.
Unlike the burner unit at Home Depot which has tubes that telescope to fit different grills, this one won’t sag in the middle because the burner unit is a solid H shaped burner.
Unlike some that are “aluminized steel” (whatever that is), or stainless steel top and “aluminized” bottom, this is all stainless steel and has a five year warranty.
Without a doubt this is the best unit and its the best price too.walmart.com

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