Weber 6432 Silicone Basting Brush

Folks, this is a heavy brush and it is a good brush! I, like many others have use either a nylon or plastic-ish sort of brushes for years and was just a bit leery of “silicone.” My goodness, resistance to change is certainly a sign of getting older I suppose, but it is also a big time impediment when it comes to doing things better and easier. This basting brush is oh so much better than the ones I was using before…both on the grill and in the oven.

This is a very reasonably priced well built tool and it is big and heavy. I’ve no doubt that if the circumstances were right, you could use it as some sort of defensive weapon. But of course that is not what you buy it for. You buy it to slather stuff on other stuff so that it will taste better when you eat it. This brush more than fulfills its calling in life. It allows a smooth flow and allows you to regulate the amount of what ever it is you are smearing on your food as you cook. As a big time plus for me, you can put this thing in the dishwasher. That may not seem like much, but cleaning one of the old type basting brushes could be a real pain and a bit time consuming…they certainly were not built for dishwashers, which since I am the official dishwasher in our household, is quite at the top of my list of things I want and this has made my life much easier.

I like Weber products; buy them when ever they are available, and I certainly have not been unhappy with this purchase. Unless I do something real stupid, which does happen now and again, this brush should last me for years! I may quite well put this item in my will.

Grilling tip for you: I bought this as a replacement brush for the one I have had used for a couple of years. I found that if you become distracted and lay the basting brush…any basting brush, over the open flames of a grill and leave it there, it will burn. This causes a horrid mess and the smell is not pleasing. When grilling, you got to keep your head in the game and let others yell at the

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