Weber 6406 Rib Rack


I just used this for the first time last weekend and it did a pretty good job. The finish is good, no issues with balance (ie the ribs flopping over), no rusting issues after washing…it did it’s job pretty well.

There were only one thing really keeping this from being a five star review. Like another poster put the holders are somewhat close together. I was able to slip them in with no problem, pulling them out I had to be careful because after smoking them for 6 hours they get a bit tender. The only real problem I had was that the ribs in the middle were so tightly pressed against the rack on either side that it didn’t get as much heat or smoke. I had to finish those ribs off in the oven and they didn’t have the nice smoke ring I like to see. I would suggest only cooking one or two racks at a time so this doesn’t happen (this is kind of a bummer since there are technically 4 slots for the ribs to go)

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