Outset Dual Grill Basket and Skillet

I’ve been wood grilling an assortment of peppers because of my love of roasted Hatch chiles. I’ve wood grilled jalapenos, poblanos, green chiles, and red peppers. It’s hard to do by hand, because you need to constantly turn the veggies and they fall through the grill as they cook. If you have ever been to a Mexican market or to Hatch Chile Festival, you’ve seen how they roast huge batches of chiles with large circular bins that are constantly rotated, sometimes with hot charcoals and sometimes with a flame source. Well, barring having that at your disposal, this is a nice way to roast your veggies. You can flip the basket every few minutes, then after blackening the outer skins, hose off quickly (as is done at Hatch), then transfer to a plastic bag, ziptie, and let it steam to finish off.

Nice sturdy construction, basket clasps together well and stays together as you turn basket. Nice coating on item and it was super easy to clean, even though it got a lot of carbon from the wood grilling. I did spray it with oil before use as was suggested.amazon.com

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