Mr. Bar-B-Q Platinum Prestige Large Grill Cover

My husband and I bought a big stainless steel grill (the kind with the side shelf and side burner, about 65″ total I think). We looked at covers for it around town, and found the cheapest to be about $25-$30. This price pretty much got you a flimsy tarp cut in the shape of a grill. Not to say that these covers aren’t effective, but we live in the south where rain, wind, and sometimes snow are a factor. For anything heavy duty, we found that covers were costing around $60 and up. I came on Amazon and found this cover for under $30 and gave it a shot.

This cover is made of heavy material and feels like it will hold up over time. I don’t see it ripping from any normal use. It fits our grill perfectly, covering the whole thing. I like that I can put this on while the grill is still hot, because I am not one to remember to go back outside later to slap a cover on.

Overall I would highly recommend this cover. And you definitely can’t beat this price for this good

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