Maverick OT-3BBQ Digital BBQ Thermometer Black

I have had the Maverick for almost a year and I am well pleased with it. I read some of the reviews before purchasing and saw the problems with the cables so I ordered the one designed for BBQ and smokers, with the steel braided cable. I use this primarily in the oven in the house. In fact it stays in the oven all the time. The opening and closing of the door has not affected the cable. I also rarely turn it off. I keep it on the non-averaging mode so it shows current actual tempurature. I replaced the AAA battery (regular batery non-alcaline)for the first time last week after it had been on for the best part of 10 months, 24/7. I don’t have a good way to validate its accuracy other than looking at the way baked goods come out after I use the Maverick to adjust the oven temp. On that basis I find it to be accurate. I am happy enough with this to order a Maverick for my

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