It’s cast iron, so you can run this pan as hot as you dare to sear the flavor in. Makes excellent burgers and brats, with nice grill marks but no burned spots, even when well-done. Try that with a George Foreman and your burger will be black outside and dryer than the Mojave Desert inside.

The square pan provides plenty of room to fry up a few burgers and the hot juices in the bottom are made-to-order for sauteeing a few mushrooms, onions, or peppers to go on top. The handle is fatter than older Lodge designs and quite ergonomic as long as you’re wearing an oven mitt. Cleans nicely by boiling a little water in the pan and giving it a quick scrub with a stiff round natural-bristle vegetable brush and the hottest water that’ll come out of the tap.

I would recommend this pan over the 11.5″ one Lodge also offers because the thicker bottom, smaller sides, and deeper walls of the 10.5″ pan provide fairly even heat over the entire grill surface. It appears that the 11.5″ pan is based on the griddle of the same size, and my 11.5″ griddle is hot near the center and cooler near the edges when used on a burner – OK for hash browns, but bad for burgers, grilled cheese, and such.

Excellent product; if you can’t grill outside, this pan is the next best thing!amazon.com

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