Kingsford 3-Piece Memphis BBQ Tools Set, Spatula, Tongs and Fork

One thing that Memphians (people from Memphis) know and know well, is how to barbeque. Bring Memphis home, wherever you are, with Kingsford’s Memphis Style BBQ Tools. Whether you’re barbequing ribs in the backyard or cooking chicken on the balcony you’re sure to have the Memphis flare with Kingsford’s Memphis line. The Kingsford’s Memphis line offers smooth-finish handles that are comfortable and easy to grip. Their extended length will keep your hands safely away from the heat. Kingsford’s Memphis 3-Piece Set includes the Spatula, Fork and Tongs. Stainless steel construction. Part of the Kingsford Grilltop Collection – an assortment of premium grilling and barbeque

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