GrillPro 50939 Universal LED Grill Light

I’ve been through a ton of grill lamps… they’ve either been not bright enough, awkward to afix to the grill, broke in a hurry… bla, blah, blah. This, however, has a large and sturdy enough base that eliminates my having to leave it clamped to the grill. For quick grills I typically just set it on one of the side tables and position where I want light. I’ve never had a situation where it’s imbalanced or falls over. When done wrap the light down to the base, to make smaller, and hide under the grill.

So why did I buy two? Number one is still working very well, but my grill is positioned in an extremely dark spot and I don’t want “some light” I like to work over the grill seeing as well as I’d see inside.
Lastly, being that I don’t have this clamped to the grill full-time and the base is so sturdy I have used it for other projects when a little hands-free lighting is

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