Delk 40041 Golf Buddy All-In-One Golf Tool, Silver

I used to have a similiar, all purpose golf tool that I loved. It was made out of cheap plastic but did everything that I needed, counted strokes, had a ball marker, club brush and divot tool. Sorry to say, I lost it.

I’ve been looking for a similiar tool at Dick’s and Sports Authority for awhile and finally came upon this at Amazon. Thought it was a bit pricey but bought it anyway.

The Pros: The unit is nice and heavy and seems well built. Stroke counter works very well, love the one-touch reset to zero, nice magnetized ball marker, nice secure belt clip.

The Cons: Divot tool push button release broke during first round of golf. Now instead of snapping out when I push the release the tool seems jammed into the unit and has to be pried out. Also, even when the divot tool was working properly the tool didn’t lock in the open position so you had o be carefull that it didn’t close on your hand when fixing a divot.

Also, the unit that was shipped was not the one shown in the ad. It has all the same features minus the bottle opener but is arranged


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