Classic Accessories Hickory Cart-Style BBQ Grill Cover

I was tired of replacing my BBQ cover for my expensive 30″ Lynx BBQ Grill. Only the Lynx grill cover would fit this grill until I discovered this one. This Classic cover is not only more durable than the Lynx Grill cover (which was an ugly black shiny cover with thin fabric that would shred apart within 1 – 2 years), but it is also sooo much cheaper! The only difference with this Classic cover is that I have to leave the Lynx side shelves extended up so the Classic BBQ Grill cover fits properly. It’s a small compromise in order to get such a better product. In a way, it’s actually a benefit since I never need to fold down the side shelves of the grill.

I actually called the manufacturer of this company to make sure that this medium grill cover would fit over my 30″ Lynx Grill and they said that their dimensions were not that accurate.

Classic Accessories: 1-800-854-2315 (Their customer service is excellent and they assured me that the medium cover would fit my grill. They were correct!)
Their website is:[…]

Apparently the dimensions listed on Amazon for this product are not exactly accurate – as the manufacturer explained to me. It says on Amazon that it “Fits medium bbqs up to 58-Inch L by 24-Inch W by 48-Inch H”. There is extra room to accomodate a larger grill.
Well, my bbq is 59″ wide (with the shelves extended) x 29″ deep x 51″ high. So you can see that my bbq is quite a bit larger than what the Classic website says it fits. If anything, my cover is a tiny bit snug on the width, but it’s still fits fine. I’m really picky, and I think this product is great. You will see what an excellent product this is if you order it. It’s made from highly durable fabric that doesn’t fade (my grill sits in the sun most of the day and it hasn’t faded at all.) The cover is easy to get on and off the grill as the fabric is somewhat stiff. It’s also a nice color. The biggest challenge with this product is to make sure that it is the right set of dimensions for your grill.

Whatever product you order from this company, I think you will be pleased with it’s quality.

Too bad that Classic doesn’t make a ping pong table cover. The ones on the market that I’ve seen are so

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