Charcoal Companion Non-Stick Triple Fish Grilling Basket with Rosewood Handle

We’re new to grilling and tried grilling a salmon fillet without a grill basket – disasterous to the fillet and even dangerous as the liquid from the fish flared on the hot coals as we tried to turn it. When we got the grill basket we saw from the illustration that this was designed for lake fish and – of course – we had thick swordfish steaks. With a little ingenuity and copper wire we managed to close the basket over the fish (only mashing one end of the steaks. Other than issues of size (thickness) the basket was a great success. Regarding it’s being non-stick and applying oil to the basket – I think you’d do better to try oil on the fish (olive oil with whatever seasonings you like.) I expect we will have many a fine lake trout or bass (or veggies) grilled in this basket. We may look for a larger basket for thicker cut

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