Charcoal Companion Non-Stick Reversible Roasting

First off, let me say that I am an avid griller and smoker, so I usually have high expectations for things I buy. I usually smoke ribs, so that is the type of application my review will center around. While I haven’t used it for such purposes, it does appear to be well made for roasts or BBQ Butts except for the aforementioned sticking issue.

This rack is very well made and sturdy. It says it has a non-stick coating, but you will need to treat it as if it does not. The rack heats up faster than the meat, so meat will pretty much stick to it wherever it touches unless it is treated with some oil. The first three racks of ribs I put on the rack (without treating it) got pretty well torn up trying to get them off.

When used as a rib rack, the dividers are not very tall nor do they have a lot of space between them, so if you want the best results with your ribs (especially spareribs), you will need to leave an empty slot between each rack to give the smoke a chance to surround the ribs. Also, the rack is a little small for spareribs. If you are doing spares, you may need a second rack, one for each end. It works well for baby back ribs, though, as far as size.

You may also want to slide a metal grate (such as a cooling rack) into the dividers with the spareribs to give them some more support as the ribs tend to flop over the top.

Overall a good addition to an avid griller/smoker’s cooking arsenal. I recommend it to my friends that come over who want to get a

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