Charcoal Companion CC1130 5-Inch by 4-Inch Stainless Steel Meat Claws Lifter with Soft Grip Handle

I purchased these a few months ago and have used them a lot. They are OK. I chose them because of the reviews I read about the plastic one and the tips of teeth melting.

The one thing they need to do to make them great is to add a fifth tine, right in the middle and maybe move the two middle ones out just a bit to even them up. You don’t get enough ripping action when you are attempting to tear pork butts apart. Instead, you get big chunks of meat that pass between the tines.

I am eagerly awaiting another product to hit the market that solves this problem because these certainly do not (still better than melting plastic though).

So, my 4 star review probably should be a 3 star, except there is nothing better on the market that isn’t powered by a

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