Charcoal Companion 4-Piece Perfect Chef Barbecue Tool Set with Black Handles

I bought this set of grill tools thinking they would be a great starter set for me (at the price point). It turns our they are much better made than you’d think at this price. They came in a flimsy plastic box, that I do use to store them because I have nothing better, but I didn’t want to pay a premium for a better box. The tools work as well as expected, and the extra-long handles ensures that I don’t singe off all the hairs on my knuckles, which is always a nice bonus. I haven’t used the fork quite yet, but I’m sure I will. The other four tools have a lot of grilling sessions on them already.

I run the tools through the dishwasher (with the exception of the grill brush/scraper) after each use, and they have yet to show even the slightest sign of wear.

I did find a single problem with these tools when they arrived. They all have little metal loops at the end which can be used to hang them up. Well, apparently they are more like C’s that clamp down on the tool, into grooves. One of the tools had a loose metal piece that was more like an open C when the ends should be together within the handle of the tool. I placed it on a table sideways and applied some downward pressure, the piece has been sturdily attached to the handle ever since. 2 minutes of work max.

I’d highly recommend this product, only defect found was a 2 min, permanent fix!

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