La Plancha Cast-Iron Griddle

This griddle is my favorite cooking surface of all. I’ve had it for several years and it just stays out on the BBQ. Bacon is usually first every time to get it greased up, then mushrooms, onions, spinach, filet, rib eye, porter house, burgers, blackened fish of any kind, eggs or whatever is the main dish for the night. This makes it easy to cook several things at the same time or in stages with different surfaces and flavors. The sides and back keep everything from falling off like others do. Clean it while it’s hot with paper towels and longer tongs at high heat. At least a 4 burner BBQ is needed as this will take up half the space. I just leave mine on all times as it is too heavy to move back and forth. The handles actually get in the way the way I use it but that is my only minor complaint. If you are going to move this back and forth and try and clean it up perfectly every time you use it you will think it is a hassle based on size and

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