Product Review

I bought one of these a few weeks ago from the manufacturer’s direct sales website. Amazon’s price is better, of course. This tool works unbelievably well. You can’t comprehend the full meaning of this without trying it. I can’t understand why it wasn’t invented centuries (millennia?) ago. It effortlessly turns meat and other objects on the grill and accurately lands the food just where you want it on the grill. Amazon sells the right-handed version. If you’re left-handed, you need to buy the left-handed version direct from the company’s website. This isn’t an ambidextrous tool and I really mean that. But once you’ve used it, you won’t ever use a tongs or spatula again. It’s deadly sharp and turns the food leaving only a microscopically fine hole behind, not large enough to cause loss of any appreciable amount of juices. It rolls sausages and hot dogs without puncturing the skin at all. The quality of manufacture is really top-notch and the wood handle has a little “flat” on it, so when you set it on a flat surface, it keeps the tip from touching the surface. I discarded the leather thong in the handle, but that would be useful if you wanted to hang it from a hook. You probably only need the small flipper, which is sold separately on the company’s website, but the large one would be useful for people with a large grill surface, or for especially large pieces of food like a whole rack of ribs, or if you had a grease fire or otherwise wanted to keep your distance from the fire. Everybody so far has awarded this product five stars, but it probably deserves

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