Product Review

my cooking space, including the cabinet drawer space, is small so this product has been a blessing. i especially love the streamlined design and the functionality of sliding hooks. i have my 10 inch splatter screen, mesh strainer, and favorite nylon and wooden cooking utensils hanging from the rack. with the rack attached to the side of my stove’s vent hood, i now have my most used cooking tools within easy reach (i attached the rack with a pop riveter so that the rack can handle more weight than would be possible using the pre-packaged double-sided tape). a second plus is the brushed vs. mirror polished surface. also, due to the design of the rack’s “end caps” (AND with the proper cutting tool–a dremel would work!), it is possible to cut the length of the rack to fit your needs. to date, i’m leaning very strongly towards saying this tool rack is a bargain, a best

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