Product Review

I bought two of these locally at a hardware store (by Mr. Heater)
I converted over my Propane Heater (3 heads) because it had the wrench required adapter, which is great fo connecting to large propane tanks, but I don’t own a large propane tank, and I own PLENTY of the 5 Gallon BBQ tanks.
So I simply un-screwed the existing adapter with a socket wrench, and then added a bunch of Teflon tape to the end of the new adapter and tightened with the socket wrench….
Presto no more tools required to hook up my heater! Just screw the adapter onto the BBQ tank hand tight and ready to go with no leaks either!

I used the other one on my Propane conversion kit to run my Honda EU2000i Generator, so now no tools are required to connect up the generator to the BBQ tank. It will run OVER 2 DAYS (50 hrs+) straight on a 5 gallon BBQ tank!
This adapter is so awesome words can’t describe how happy I am to have converted all my items over so no tools are required to connect them up to fuel now!

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