Product Review

The Product itself was good. I bought it as a christmas present. Shipping was not. I placed my order on Decmember 13th (gaurenteed by dec. 24). And it said it sould ship by December 17. but once shipped it whould take 3-5 days. I got an e-mail that said it was shipped on december 14th, and they gave me a tracking number so I figured that 5 days it would arrive by friday december 21st. 5 days from monday. On Monday I tried to track it and the number they gave me didn’t work, so I e-mailed the company and they e-mail me back on wednesday with the correct shipping number. I tried to track it again and it said the number was there but no information yet. I really needed the package by friday and it never came. So on the following wednesday dec 26 i got my package. Then I had to pay to ship the present to the person it was supposed to get it. When I finaly tracked the package. It looks like the setup the shipping on friday december 14th. But never actually shipped the package till tuesday december 18th. When I tried to e-mail them about it, I got a responce that they were closed till Jan 2nd. Then I never heard from them again. I would Suggest buying the product from a more reliable

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