Product Review

I’m a college girl just getting into cooking, and I’ve made salmon, burgers, and even bacon on this grill. Having someone say “This salmon was seared perfectly!” the first time you’ve ever made it is a great feeling! You really can’t mess up with this thing.

Pros: The removable plates make clean up pretty easy. My burgers come out perfect every time.

Cons: I wouldn’t call this non stick. Everything you make leaves something on the grill, and you really need to get scrubbing to get it off the hot plates when you’re done (I find scrubbing the grime off the plates when it’s hot is a lot easier than waiting for it to cool). It’s also hard to clean the crevice where hinges are (but it’s an open hinge, so solid thing that aren’t sticky usually fall through).

To the reviewer below: The reason why everything comes out scorched is because you HAVE to wipe down the HOT plates with something to clean off the grease from your last batch–if you don’t clean it off, it just transfers BURNT to your next one.

I really don’t mind the cleaning so much, and the convenience of having a grill in my small apartment to cook on outweigh the cons for me. I certainly couldn’t get a charcoal BBQ up and running.. now imagine cleaning that!

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