Product Review

I purchased this product and am not that impressed. It is really just a pressure guage with some colored zones on it. It doesnt give you the greatest indication of the amount of fuel left in the tank. It does work, and as the needle indicates lower, obviously the tank contains less LP but it isnt that accurate. With the tank valve shut, the pressure will go up and indicate “GREEN,” making you think that you have a lot of fuel. But when you turn on the grill and the pressure drops it indicates “RED” and you could run out of fuel before you cook your food.

Use this gauge as a general indication of tank level only, dont expect the greatest results. Take the $20 that you would spend on this device and apply it towards purchasing a second propane tank. That way if one tank runs out you have another to replace it with while you go and exchange the empty. You’ll always have propane!

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