Product Review

I wanted to try one of these meat tenderizers since I was not happy with my old method of tenderizing tough cuts (basically, stab it repeatedly with a fork). Happy to report that this product works much, much better.

Functionally, it really isn’t any different than stabbing the meat with a fork, but the 45 tongs do it much quicker. More importantly, the tongs are sharper than a fork tong, so there is less visible damage to the steak/roast but better tenderization since more connective tissue is being cut.

I looked at several versions before getting this one. There are a couple of brands out there – they all seem to be basically the same. I selected the Deni since it was on sale (at another site) for a very low price.

Construction quality is decent. It looks like it will stand up for a few years of use. The tines are narrow, so you do need to be careful not to bend them by hitting a bone with any amount of force. Clean-up is pretty easy. The manufacturer says it’s dishwasher safe, but I hand wash it to be on the safe side. I’m not sure about the warranty – it says 1 year on the inner sheet, but 2 years on the product label.

I debated getting the 16 blade version since that was less expensive, and I was worried that this model would be hard to clean between the multiple rows of blades. Glad I went with the larger version. It’s much faster to use, and cleaning has not been a problem at all.

Deni also makes a round version, but I thought the oblong one would be easier to grip and use. Can’t say that for sure since I never tried the round one, but I find this model to be very comfortable to use.

I did try out the Norpro model, which a friend has. It’s very inexpensive, but I didn’t care for it – the tines are much thicker and it’s harder to drive through the meat. The thinner tines on the Deni, while less sturdy, cut through the meat very

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