Product Review

Individual pockets on this meatball barbecue basket hold pre-shaped meatballs, drain grease and allow easy one-flip turning. Nonstick grilling basket is the efficient grilling tool that lets you cook healthier, gourmet meatballs as appetizers, for submarine sandwiches or spaghetti entrees, without cooking indoors and heating the oven. Easily cook and flip 20 meatballs at once and enjoy healthier eating. With sturdy wire cupular shapes, this nonstick grilling basket eliminates turning meatballs one-by-one in the oven or skillet. Heat circulates entirely around meatballs, ensuring uniform cooking, while grease drains. With all the meatball recipe variations and sauces handed down throughout generations, this meatball barbecue basket prepares a multitude of gourmet Italian meatballs, Swedish or German meatballs, meatballs with barbecue sauce, even Greek meatballs with combination of lamb and pork ingredients. This basket is also ideal to grill stuffed mushrooms or cherry tomatoes, bacon-wrapped scallops or crab cakes. Nonstick surface ensures easy release. Locking stay-cool handles with rubberized, heat-resistant grips. Recipe included. Hand

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