Product Review

First off, if you read the product name and are still questioning whether or not you need this, let me make it clear for you…It’s Pizza (PIZZA) on a barbecue (BARBECUE)!! YOU NEED IT! I feel like at this point the review is pretty much over, how do you top that, two of the greatest things in existence…okay maybe if it had Whiskey dispenser somewhere in it…actually that’s not a bad idea! (note to self: Add Whiskey)

Anyway, for further clarification…heat up that grill, slap a pizza on this guy (don’t apply too much pressure and push the dough through the holes, rookie mistake) then just slap this bad-boy in that iron cocoon of charcoal/gas heat and enjoy pizza like never before! Just don’t hold me responsible for excessive weight gain from and increased amount of pizza+ (it’s not just pizza anymore, it’s pizza+) in your diet. The nonstick surface also makes for an easy cleanup. (Protip: place on a cutting board or counter-top and put down a layer of cornmeal before adding the dough for even easier cleanup!)

Device seems to double as a mediocre tennis racket, if

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