Product Review

The first thing you need to know is DO NOT BUY THE WEBER BRAND COVER! Everything the reviews say about it is true! The vents are directly over the side tables and water comes right in. Weber makes a superior grill but their grill cover is substandard.

The Veranda grill cover is perfect! Heavy duty material, quality construction, covered ventilation areas to prevent condensation and looks good.

I bought the Weber Genesis E-310. For all those Weber owners wondering if they should get the medium cover or large cover, get the medium cover! I bought both and tested both. You won’t be disappointed with the large size, but the medium size fits better. Don’t worry, the medium size will NOT be too tight. The large size hangs over the side table ends a little bit more than the medium and because of this it probably sits a little closer to the ground. But with the medium size, all the seams line up perfectly with the grill table ends, top lid, and under grill storage cabinet. It sits low enough to the ground to completely cover the entire grill, but not look like you’ve thrown an oversized tarp over it. The medium size probably sits about 2 inches from the ground. the large size, probaby an inch and a half. Like I said, you won’t be disappointed with the large size, but the medium just fits much

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