Product Review

I bought this some time ago, but just used it for the first time today. I cooked a salmon fillet which was probably not ideal, but heck, it should have worked better than it did. Three gripes: the salmon skin stuck to the wire, the wires are rather far apart, and the basket is hard to open when it is hot. Because of the skin sticking, it took a significant effort to get it clean. I took it at face value the statement on the front of the box that the device had a `Non-stick basket’ and didn’t coat it before using. Next time I’ll spray it with oil before I use it. Because the wires are far apart, one’s fish needs to be fairly big. If the skin hadn’t stuck, the fillet probably would have fallen through the wires. Finally, as to releasing the baskets clasp, I burned myself opening it. I started with thick dish towel because the clasp is rather narrow. I then put on two oven mitts and struggled opening it almost dumping the fish on the

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