Product Review

I ordered these because we just got a gas grill and needed some sturdy tools so that we could stop using our plastic kitchen tools for grilling. I worried a bit that if I didn’t spend a ton of money I would get flimsy tools, but I made the right choice with these! They are well designed and fabricated and I think they are going to hold up for a long time. The size of each tool is just right, and they are comfortable even for my small hands. I like that they are stainless steel, and they are lightweight enough that I don’t feel like I am lifting weights when using them. I haven’t used the skewers or corn holders yet, but all of the other tools have been used and I am happy with them all, including the cleaning brush.
My only criticisms are minor, and wouldn’t keep me from recommending this set or buying it again. The curved part of the tongs it too wide to hang from the hooks on my grill. All of the other tools hang perfectly, but the tongs just won’t fit. I also wish these came with a bag or case to store them in when they aren’t in use, but that’s not a big deal since they mostly hang from my grill and the skewers and corn holders are fine tucked away in a kitchen

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